14k - 18k
Solid Gold

Solid gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor since it is the least reactive metal. The 14k alloy gives our pieces their beautiful, subtle hue. It is also an active lifestyle’s best friend; it scratches less and doesn’t bend or wear out as easily as 18k.

Sterling silver

925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver jewelry in rhodium, which gives it extra shine and durability. Rhodium is one of the costliest precious metals due to its rarity.


Diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances found on earth. Our high-quailty diamonds are ethically sourced from our suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practies.


Natural Stones that are very much desired by people making exclusive jewelry. They have been created by mother nature and since their discovery until today, they are highly valued due to their beauty and wealth. There is a wide range of stones symbolizing something unique depending on its colour, shape and clarity.