Our Story

In 2011, Golden Maze became a subsidiary of Golden Group, which has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online. Two creative minds, Panos Roumeliotis, the founder of 3d jewelry studio, another subsidiary of Golden Group and his brother, Pantelis Roumeliotis, the Jeweler workshop Manager, combined their talents to create Golden Group. Their mission: to offer consumers the highest quality towards with the best price. 

About us

Panos Roumeliotis Co-founder

Panos, manager of 3d Jewelry Studio, co-founder of Golden Group, has been working on jewelry industry for over 20 years and has been specialized on cad cam and 3dprinting and design services since 2013. 

Pantelis Roumeliotis Co-founder

Pantelis, co-founder of Golden Group, has experience for over 30 years, becoming a skilled craftsman specialized in custom made jewelry, jewelry repair, engagement rings and so many more items. 


Company and Staff

Presently, Golden Group employs 5 bench jewelers (2 masters and 3 juniors), 4 designers, 1 office manager and 2 executive assistants. The workshop is nestled just behind our beautiful company, where our team of highly skilled jewellers hand make Panos’ original designs. Our team of jewellers specialize in Silver and Goldsmithing, complex wax building, gemmology and CAD, they can bring the most intricate of designs to life 


Our Philosophy

Built on the idea that life is yours for the making, Golden Maze is a modular fine jewelry brand that, in its modularity, empowers you to live exactly as you are in a world of limitless possibilities.

Golden Maze

Anything less is

simply unacceptable

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If you would like to speak to us about creating your own bespoke piece of jewelry, or have any further questions about the process please send us an email. 

Email: info@goldenmaze.gr

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The Foundations

Beautiful jewelry accessible to everyone

Whether you’re looking for minimal earrings, rings for special occasions, crosses or necklaces that draw the eye, you’ll find something you love , at a fair price.